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(Damian Drake)
29 / Male / In a Relationship
United Kingdom
~ My love @SUGARSUGAR ❤️ So kind and sweet. Her loving words melt my heart, and her strong will empowers me

Long walks on the beach,
Singing in the car,
Laughter in the kitchen,
Cuddles in the bedroom

~ Would it be alright if we just sat and talked for a little while,
if in exchange for your time I give you this smile?

Latest Status

I'd like to start a support group for the ones who live in Europe who have been affected by the yesterdays earthquake or any for that matter. A lot of people are scared, a lot lost their homes and all but those who were psychically hurt should not be forgotten. If anyone's interested dm me or comment. Don't be afraid to share either. Thank you all
3  Dec 30th 2020 11:16

Latest Comments

Happy new years thanks for being my best friends. Wishing all of us the best 2021
Dec 31st 2020 10:49

I love you my king ✨
Nov 22nd 2020 14:35

You're just the best guy ever <3
Sep 7th 2020 07:30

Srry for take so long prince ♥♥
Sep 6th 2020 00:10

Sounds like a plan to me ;)
Aug 5th 2020 20:24

I look forward to tasting the ice cream else where next time ;)
Aug 5th 2020 19:03

Love our RP and really like you! <3<3
Aug 5th 2020 18:57

Such a sweet, handsome human~
Aug 5th 2020 18:57

I love you ❤️
Jul 30th 2020 11:38