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(Vespa Ray ~ where the threads of Greece the frosty tales of Nordic sagas meet)
26 / Female / Forever Alone
Come to me,, and I'll set you free - Denmark
Welcome to my little corner, a realm where the threads of Greece's ancient myths, the frosty tales of Nordic sagas, and the roots of fantastical worlds intertwine. ~ This will be a multi-character account of both Female and Male gender so feel free to send a Raven if one catches your interests

I cherish the art of storytelling and writing like many, I weave stories that travel diverse landscapes, exploring the unknown realms of creativity and imagination. With some decent years under my sleeve, I revel in crafting narratives that blend the supernatural, suspense, fantasy, and more. Romance, like a delicate flower, can blossom in unexpected places, and connections can deepen over time.

Sadly I can be gone for a few days during weeks because of a busy schedule called life, but expect my penchant for detail in my narratives. No mere one-liners here, each response is a tapestry of words, carefully woven where the characters breathe life into the fantastical landscape. However, no Novella, I can not add to my schedule, and takes me some time.

So, let the quill dance, the ink flow, and the characters come alive in our shared narrative. Welcome to a realm where the extraordinary awaits at every turn, a place where myths converge and new legends are forged.

I hope to have given enough information to see it as a decent introduction, more will be added, as time flows.

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