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Comments for LegendaryAlphaWolf

redacted umm...thanks but im fine, most of the time im a teddy bear so...not much people can do to me
LegendaryAlphaWolf Into: On a dark winters night, in a northern kingdom of werewolves. The Kingdom was expecting a litter of pups. The litter of pups were to be born to the king and queen. At the time of the birth the queen had given birth to 5 puppies but, as fate would have it during the year of illness and disease the queen lost 3 of the 5 pups. While the days and years go by the surviving pups begin to grow in size and strength. One cold dark night as the brother and sister give way to their normal game of chase a loud bang is heard all throughout the kingdom. Terrified the children run to their mother and father knowing they were safest when they were with them. As they get to their mothers and father's side they see their father transforming into his legendary alpha wolf form while howling in a fierce growling tone. Then before their eyes their mother transforms into her beautiful legendary white alpha wolf form. As the fight rapidly begins enemies come from no where and everywhere. To the best of his abilities out father defended us. With his dying breath he bestoes upon me his sword and his legacy, only requesting one promise. To be the alpha I know you can be and keep your sister and s.....a...fe. with the enemies defeat in hand, what energy Williams father had left burst it's way through what was left of the enemies claiming victory for the Kingdom. From that moment on Williams and Sarah's mother continues to rule over the kingdom but, never to take human form again. Now 28 years later William and Sarah are now fully grown. Sadly now their mother is on her death bed more than ready to join her love, looks to William and says you are now the true king and as a king you must take on a fitting queen to help you to continue rule over the kingdom. Do not forget to watch over your sister as well. Her being a princess you must also find her a suitable Prince or at least make sure she makes the right choice foe a Prince for herself. William picks up his training in hand to hand combat along with his sword and shield training. Sarah being a princess was only trained in hand to hand combat. Months after their mother death the kingdom is yet again in a fierce battle against the vampires. While trying to defend the kingdom to the fullest of his abilities William almost over looks the vampires trying to capture his sister Sarah. If not for Sarah's determination to want to live and not be captured William would have never heard her screams for help. While William races towards his sister he begins his transformation into his legendary alpha wolf form. As he reaches his sister and her captive Williams anger boils over as he growls out Let Her Go! The vampire shakily puts Sarah down afraid of what would happen once she was set free. William in the blink of an eye tares the vampire to pieces. Wrapping his arms around Sarah he whispers in her ear. I will always love you and protect you forever.