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(Blue eyes)
37 / Female / Single and Looking
Depends on the RP, same goes for the state., United States
♡◇RULES & Information--which will never be read.♡◇

1☆ Please don't be rude, rudeness will get you deleted and blocked.

2☆ I choose who I want to role-play with.

3☆ Read her blog for her bio. {Admin is over 21}

4☆ Multi-ship profile, don't like that, don't bother. (She can be with whomever she wants in different rp's)

5☆ I have asked many people, and randomly deletes friends. Not my fault, you've been warned.

6☆ If you're added YOU TALK,or get deleted. I hate people who say like two things. Then stop answering messages.

7. ☆ New f***ing rule cause I'm done with the bullsh*t games. Don't accept or ask to add me if you don't really want to rp. I'm done with the f***ing games of people adding me. Then backing out cause they get busy with other rps. Or they just back out without a word....

8. ☆ OK if I request to add you please don't be rude and block me If I don't respond quickly. I will send you a message.

9. If your looking for sm*t rps, like daddy daughter or cheerleader and coach. Things like that I'm not looking for. They will get you a deny, and If you keep trying. You'll get blocked, this is the only warning.


☆☆I've had Kira since the Yahoo private room days. I'm sure you can figure out how long I've been role-playing.☆☆

☆☆ In no way is this a ☆☆SM*T☆☆ character. Don't think just because we're rping sex is a given. It's not, it has to fit into the role-play with a reason.☆☆

☆☆ Long term role-plays are what I'm after. Any genre, she's adaptable to any setting.☆☆

☆☆ Depending on the role-play her background maybe tweaked accordingly.☆☆

☆☆ For those of you whom do not like or wish to role-play out the sex. I'm more the willing to start it just a bit and skip it, saying it happened afterwards. As well as pregnancy, same goes with that, it can be skipped and.☆☆

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Trash has been removed.
1  Mar 20th 2023 16:44

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I'll reply as soon as I can (family tragedy just appeared:( )
Dec 12th 2022 02:01

I'll reply as soon as I get some spare time, bare with me Ms Ackerman
Nov 28th 2022 01:35

hi there love! I just saw your message.. I hadn’t noticed discord logged me out so I hadn’t gotten any of your messages.. we can pick up whenever if you’d still like :)
Aug 15th 2021 17:35