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(Nikolaus Vittori)
19 / Male / Forever Alone
United Kingdom
Nikolaus Vittori

…Between the second hand smoke and the glass on the street
…You gave me nothing whatsoever but a reason to leave
…You say you want me but you know I'm not what you need

But I am…

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i hate everyone. . . but not her . . . no, never her
2  Jun 23rd 2024 11:10

Latest Questions

tears asked the question
Q. Margot rushed into the hospital room, having just heard the horrible news. "Niko?"
A. Niko lifted his head, still groggy from the medication. He was being sedated frequently because of the panic attacks caused by the night terrors. He felt like a corpse as he lay there. “Margot…hey”
 Feb 22nd 2024 08:01

amorist asked the question
Q. Sienna rushes into the hospital, her least favorite place and looks around with horror, trying to get anyone to help her find niko
A. One of the nurses, in the middle of doing her rounds, spotted Sienna, who looked like she was in an utter frenzy. The nurse quickly approached Sienna with concern. “Sweetie…you looked panicked. What's going on? Do you need help with something?”
 Feb 18th 2024 21:07

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