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23 / Male / In Love
取りつかれる - United Kingdom
: hello and welcome to my profile!
i hope we can get along and discuss some roleplays in the near future, with whatever genres or verses suit your desires; whether it's a dark-themed romance or fluffy and sweet, or even no romance at all, i'm here for you! there are some rules i'd ask that you follow by if we become friends, some more strict than others.

: rules

at most, please keep replies above a paragraph. on good days, i tend to write above three paragraphs but can write more if necessary.

if you send a request, message first. i will give a week or two before unfriending anyone who fails to follow this rule. if i sent the request, i'll do the honours.

grammar is not a strict rule of mine, as long as there is no use of asterisks and speech marks are used for conversation.

keep drama away from this account, i am solely here for meeting wonderful people and getting some roleplays going, otherwise i am uninterested.

for romance, i prefer male x male and will likely not accept requests from anyone who only does male x female or female x female.

: these aren't strict rules of mine, so please don't feel threatened! feel free to send a request if there are any ideas you have in mind, or even if you'd like to brainstorm together!

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