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21 / Female / Single and Looking
California - United States
~Greetings travelers~


My favorite genres consist of supernatural/romance, action, mystery, thriller, adventure, & fantasy

Current Note: I am in desperate need of a good vampire roleplay...if you have an evil/sadistic vampire character that likes horror/supernatural themes then please add and get us started!

I do have to admit I am a sucker for detail so descriptive rp's get big points in my book.

I'm not a grammar nazi but I can't deal with text talk (u, ur, i, etc)...that's all I ask!

Single liners aren't fun for EITHER of us and it gives a lot more depth if the replies are longer. I usually aim for at least one paragraph...novella is a bit crazy so I don't expect a book, I try to match the response I'm given.

I do have a dark lore side of me, my favorite supernatural creature being a vampire (not a f****** Twilight vampire, one of the real ones) but I love werewolves as well due to the fact my favorite animal is a wolf along with owls...

I would just like to name off some of my rules that I would like to have while Rping so if you could just take a few minutes or seconds even just to look at them before asking to rp that would be awesome!

1.) My characters are straight females, I only do MxF rp's for romance so if you're looking for romance rp's as FxF, you're in the wrong place

2.) NO GODMODDING!!! I am extremely annoyed by people who control my characters or simply ignore my action and OP my character in one is not fun at all for the rp and kills it immedietly for me as well as my character...

3.) For sexual rp, I am totally okay with most things presented to me but a few things I need to say before anything is planned! I am a submissive person along with ALL of my rp characters so please don't force me into a dominant role! Also, IT MUST BE A PART OF THE STORY LINE, if we are doing romance, I DON'T want it to be straight up sex right off the bat, it should be very plot driven so we can have a TRUE story!

4.) And the basics I guess you could say...if you want to rp, just choose one of my characters (in my blog) and ask me if I'd like to rp and then bada bing bada boom we got a rp! XD

5.) Lastly, please try to be somewhat literate? It would really help me decipher information because I do have dyslexia so it is literally hard to look at words sometimes with no punctuation or "text talk"

If you had read this, let me know when you first message me by sending me your favorite color or just a word like ~Spoof~ XD

Thanks so much for your time and now lets have some fun and rp!!

Oh! One last thing! For supernatural rp's, my characters are ALL human so please do have a supernatural character of your own ready!

Well any hoo, I am single as a pringle but am straight so uh yeee ^3^ Come rp with me and have fun!!

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-♥♥--♥♥ [Depression]
--♥♥♥♥ Bipolar
---♥♥♥ [Anorexia]
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-♥♥--♥♥ Or any
♥♥----♥♥ Mental illness