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21 / Female / Single
California - United States
~Greetings travelers~


Side note: I am pretty selective in my adding - just a heads up

I do have to admit I am a sucker for detail so descriptive rp's get big points in my book.

I do have a dark lore side of me, whether it be supernatural beings, a mafia/crime based plot, or something revolving around action/thriller - I am all for it.

Please read my rules completely and come ready with one of my characters from my blog selected and a few ideas ready to brainstorm about!

Thanks so much for your time and now lets have some fun and rp!!

Oh! One last thing! For supernatural rp's, my characters are ALL human so please do have a supernatural character of your own ready!

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Q. Hi. Sorry for disappearing on you! Things got rough and I haven't had time or the motivation to rp but I am back now! Would you like to continue our roleplay? If not, I completely understand
A. I would absolutely LOVE to continue! I’m sorry you went through that, I’ve definitely been there myself so I completely understand! Message me! :)
 Aug 27th 2022 11:49

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I like my coffee dark and my tea with a splash of scotch and honey.
Jan 31st 2022 06:08

Good morning! How do you like your coffee/tea?
Jan 31st 2022 04:24