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19 / Female / Forever Alone
Hell, United States
I will make this fancy eventually but here is some things about me i guess!

I'm 19, Single and abrosexual and a big furryXD
I like to draw and roleplay(but i dont draw the art for the characters i use for rp)
I love video games and would happily play with you as long as you understand a few things- I keep my roleplay and real life separate. So if we play we play like thats how we met unless we do a game roleplay(mc roleplay). I most likely wont do voice calls unless i honestly feel comfortable and you promise not to discuss my roleplay page unless i am the one who brings it up.

I am pretty open online so if i were to join a voice chat with you don't expect me to be super open and talkative right away XD I am a shy introvert with social anxiety and talking to people makes me nervous so i either an silent or annoying as well bc i ramble.

I DONT do sm*t so PLEASE dont dm me about it. I also dont belong to anyone so stop saying im yours. >C

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