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(Royal Unicorn)
20 / Other / Single
BLEH, Ohio - United States
!!!Read Please!!!
Will be making a list of my OCs and story ideas for them soon- Gimme time-
but below is some rules to rp with me!
Roleplay characters:

~Roleplay Rules~
>More than one liners, less than 2 paragraphs. (Unless it’s the intro)
>Any type of detail works- just put in a bit of effort.
>I need it to be discussed. be warned- I CAN discuss for quite a while but I’ll try to keep it to simple questions.
>Must be mainly Dom/top, switches and verses are welcome if you’re okay with mainly being stuck being Dom during n*fw.
>I don’t do N*FW without plot.

~Optional Rules~
>I prefer people who can play multiple characters (I can as well)
>I prefer people who can play multiple genders(Makes things for fun with long term partners)
>I prefer AFAB(Female at Birth), but I can’t tell what your sex is so I’m not picky- just know if you tell me you’re AMAB(Male at Birth) I MAY stop talking to you. It depends on how you act, and if we vibe. I’ve just had a lot of bad encounters with them so I’m picky.

~Info about me~
>Been roleplaying for about 8 years now.
>I’m Semi-Lit. I rarely do Less than 3 sentences unless I’m COMPLETELY unsure what to do or it’s a “simple” scene.
>I have multiple characters, both male and female and non-binary!
>I’m very good at coming up with Roleplay ideas and have many in the background of my mind!
>I LOVE darker themes, meaning if you like them a well then we may be able to work things out!
>Im a Submissive Verse- meaning I’m a submissive person but I can be both top and bottom. Obviously I’m best at being a Sub/bottom- but I can also do Sub/Top and Dom/Bottom for long periods of time and Dom/Top for short periods of time.

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