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15 / Female / Broken Hearted
The Lone Star State, Texas - United States
Hello, Darlings. I'm Phaessa and it's lovely to meet your acquaintance. I'm a bit distanced from the site right now, but if you're willing to come see me, you'll find that I can be very willing to talk and be active with you. Don't waste my time, and I'll make yours worthwhile.

Don't be afraid to message me. If I'm interested enough, I'll even hand out my Discord. I'm a semi-experienced writer with a broad selection of genres I prefer, and enough creativity to even curve into world building. Let's get to know each other; Come hit me up.


"Forever listening to the sound of ink flowing, and as the spark in his eyes go dim, that was my key to knowing. Bubbles pop like hearts stop; Patently."

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Just got completely settled after moving and at least attempting to help my mental health prosper. Getting somewhere. Happy to finally get back on here.
Mood: accomplished
2  May 25th 2023 00:55

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Q. What's up
A. Working through a lot recently, my breakup is killing me from the inside along from the fact I'm also back into a relationship. Grades dropped from A to C and I'm dying inside. Thanks for asking
 Feb 6th 2022 23:36

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