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(Lance Walker)
24 / Male / Single
Montana - United States
Do not expect me to write something exceptionally cliche. I like exploring.

I write many stories in universes that I build, from 1800s Victorian-era steampunk to modern-fantasy, to medieval fantasy to science fiction fantasy.
I only write fantasy. My imagination and interests exist in the things I can't find in the everyday. And I hate cliches.

I don't like building off of pre-existing universes as I find them kind of like a thorny cage and atomic wedgies; no freedom.

I could put a whole blog here with random things about me. I doubt anyone would read it and if they did, it wouldn't likely change their opinion about me. Don't add me if you want short term stories or if you plan on ditching a story three posts in. I don't collect friends.

You want action/adventure? I got that. Horror, psychological stories? Fresh stock. Medieval/high-fantasy? My bread and butter.

Lastly, this is not a sex-based account. If that is what you are looking for, do not add me.

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