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(Chris Heria)
28 / Male / Single
California - United States

About Me:
Founder and CEO of the fitness program ThenX, a workout routine involving calisthenics and weights. Also founded the Calisthenics Academy and became a BarStarzz sponsored athlete.

Early years:
I graduated from St. Brendan High School in Miami, Florida in 2008 and went onto doing no such great things in life until finally getting my life on track at age 23.

Since then:
Ive represented the United States in the Street Workout World Championship and created a decently successful youtube channel.

Latest Comments

"I'm thinking so. It's like this road is going to take me to a sexy pot of gold" she giggled
Apr 17th 2020 20:30

"On the plus side I've turned around and now you're all I see so that must mean something." She smiled sweetly
Apr 17th 2020 19:24

"I really was looking in the wrong direction." She admitted
Apr 17th 2020 19:19

"I'd say so. Where have you been hiding again?" She laughs
Apr 17th 2020 18:51

"Good. The same goes to you. I've got my eyes completely set on you."
Apr 17th 2020 18:45

"Really" she nodded "and I'd very much like to show it all to you. If you'd let me."
Apr 17th 2020 18:43

I'm not as innocent as you think I may be. *bites lip slightly*
Apr 17th 2020 18:31

Always. Maybe sometimes out in the open, but for now. Behind closed doors *winks*
Apr 17th 2020 18:28

Oh I see what you're after. Sir that's for behind closed doors *sticks tongue out at him*
Apr 17th 2020 18:21

That seems really cute. Let me cut the thorns and make it a smaller stem then I'll do that.
Apr 17th 2020 15:25