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(Bjorn EverWhite )
30 / Male / In a Relationship
Agrabah, United States
Name: Bjorn Rampage EverWhite
Nicknames: The DragonWarrior,
Date of birth: May 9 1989
Place of living: ,outskirts of agrabah
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Height: 200 cm
Sexual orientation: Straight
Girlfriend/Wife: -@wontgospeechless
Species: Human, Tribrid - Werewolf, Vampire & Witch, ShadowHunter
Occupation: Special Forces of the army/ Warrior/Fifth-Echelon
Other Nicknames are given by people who have seen me Fight
-King Of Kings
-God Of Gods
- the BigDog
Father: Kazuya
Mother: @Katheryne
Brothers: Darius
Sister: Teyla, Kayla
Daughter: @YvieEverWhite
Enemy,s: Jafar
Uncle: - Marius
Nephew: -
Childhood friends: -
Best Friends:-
Worst fear: let someone in to share the pain and to start caring....
Mastered fighting styles:
best friends and Companions:
-Silver Star
- Defense Superior Service Medal
-Legion of Merit
-de Soldier's Medal
-de Bronze Star
-Purple Heart
-Medal of Honor
- Army Distinguished Service Medal


Bjorn EverWhite was born in LA one of the four children of Katheryne and Kazuya EverWhite. he enlisted in the Army right out of high school. Bjorn enlisted for the Infantry military occupational specialty and decided that he would become a Seal. After graduating Basic, Advanced Individual, and Airborne Training, Bjorn was sent to the Seal Indoctrination Program. Upon graduation of RIP, he was placed in the 75th Seal Regiment's 3rd Battalion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel David Briggs. He then attended and passed seal School, where he earned his Seal Tab. Bjorn eventually fought in combat during Operation Desert Storm.

After four distinguished years in the Army, Bjorn went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a double major in Tactics and Special Ops. Upon graduating from Pennsylvania, he immediately sought employment with the Central Intelligence Agency. Before Bjorn could join the Agency, he had to go through background checks, take the entrance exam, and go through a series of interviews and psychological tests. Upon passing the entrance and psychological examinations, Bjorn was contacted by Miss Winters, who had joined the Special Forces in a high-level position a few years before and she believed Bjorn would be perfect for an organization outside of the Army. In short order, he was recruited into an ultra-secret Branch called the Ghosts.

Although he was initially only told that he would be tasked with "unconventional black ops", Bjorn exuberantly accepted the job offer. Afterwards, he was informed of Ghosts mandate. He then went through an intensive operational training course to train him in so-called "operational intelligence" or "tactics and stealth" skills, including surveillance, clandestine photography, infiltration, and exfiltration techniques. He was also trained for night parachuting, tactical high speed emergency driving, rappelling from helicopters, and dry and wet demolition. Because of his military experience, Bjorn excelled through training.

Once he completed training, he was given the "cover legend" of a systems analyst for the U.S. Department of Transportation and placed in a five person team (called the "Ghosts") as the team's point man. Led by Miss Winters, the team's job was to infiltrate Enemy camps, seize critical intelligence, and kill dangerous criminals or equipment, and destroy the cartels as needed, without leaving a trace. The Ghosts are different than most intelligence organizations in that, once their orders have been given, there are no required procedures for the fulfillment of the mission. Therefore, Bjorn and his fellow Ghosts could use whatever means they deem necessary. Success was all that matters. The downside was, of course, obvious. If a team member was captured or killed, the Secretary of State would disavow any knowledge of his or her actions.

Bio 2 :
In 2019 the Santa Blanca drug cartel [6] has bombed the US embassy in La Paz in an attempt to kill DEA special agent Ricardo "Ricky" Sandoval, who has been undercover for 6 years. Instead, they injured 2 US Marines and later on kidnapped and tortured Ricky to death. The action upgrades their status from simple narcos to narco-terrorists, and puts them near the top of a threat list. The cartel is led by the vicious killer El Sueño, along with The Beauty Queen, El Yayo, El Muro and El Cardenal.

The cartel has also corrupted the Bolivian Government to the core that the Government cannot handle them and cannot call for any external help.The cartel mainly deals in drug production like cocaine and trafficking and distribution of it because of which their influence is spreading to other countries and therefore needing to break the connection between them and the Bolivian government.

In order to stop the problem the CIA, DEA, and JSOC has decided to send the Ghosts, an elite unit of the US Military as part of Operation Kingslayer. The team sent in consists of Bjorn (Ghost Lead and Support Specialist), Weaver (Team Sniper and Weapons Specialist), Holt (Team Engineer and Drone Specialist) and Midas (Team Combat Specialist and Vehicle Engineer).

The Ghosts are brought into Bolivia by helicopter, on which they meet up with their CIA contact Karen Bowman. When they land in the province of Itacua, they meet "Pac Katari", leader of the Kataris 26, the only resistance against Santa Blanca. He gives them their first mission - to recover Amaru, the man who founded the Kataris rebels and who has been captured by Santa Blanca.
The Ghosts rescue Amaru in exchange for information about the people who tortured Sandoval. These are revealed to be La Yuri and El Polito, Santa Blanca's chief doctors and torturers, as well as being devoted lovers of each other.
The Ghosts infiltrate FOB Armadillo, the local base of UNIDAD (a Bolivian special forces organization originally set up to combat drug cartels but now on Santa Blanca's payroll and turning a blind eye to their activities), and interrogate the base's commander. They force him to call El Polito and request that he and La Yuri return to Itacua.
Having lured the duo back to Itacua, the Ghosts determine their exact location by infiltrating a Santa Blanca camp and stealing El Polito's car. Their analysts examine its GPS history and locate El Polito and La Yuri at a mountain hunting lodge.
The Ghosts then go after El Polito and La Yuri. They locate them in the basement of their hunting lodge, torturing a prisoner. Both are killed by the Ghosts along with their guards, much to Bowman's satisfaction.
The Ghosts then go to Ocoro to get information on the location of El Yayo.
The Ghosts then move to continue their assault against the Santa Blanca's Security Pillar. They move into Montuyoc, site of the cartel's sicario training camp.
They discover that El Muro chose a former Army Ranger by the name of Carl Bookhart as his head of training. The Ghosts then track and eliminate Carl Bookhart in an underground mining facility.
The Ghosts then go to La Cruz to kill La Plaga.
After taking down the first pillar, El Sueño invites them to a meeting. The Ghosts plan on killing him, but he leaves a message: inviting them to join him. When they answer the cellphone left there, Nomad swears to kill the cartel boss.

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