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25 / Male / Single
Woodlands, Searching - United States
Hello there darlings. It would seem you have stumbled upon my tiny little space within this massive space we call the universe. Well, while you are here I welcome you in with open arms. If you would like some warm tea, feel free to ask.

I am here to write with others and possibly make friendships along the way. I hope we can get along, and I can't wait to see what beautiful stories we can make together.

Hello! Welcome to my profile like I said. It's nice seeing you pop in and take a look around. Please don't be alarmed by the Joined Date, I am not new to the website. Nor am I new to writing. I have been Role-Playing in and of itself for over 16 years now. But of course that doesn't mean I am perfect in any well, so please don't be scared about that.

I would be tickled pink if you would wander down to the "Regarding Writing" blog that is nestled below. There you would be able to find what I am looking for from people who wish to write with me, and what I am offering up in return.

I ask that if you send me a request first you message me first as well. That helps tell me you are truly interested in writing me. If I add you I will do the same, so this isn't a one-way street so to speak.

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I know I just said something like this before, but I will most likely be gone for the next four or so days. In the process of moving to a new home, and the next days will be nonstop moving as well as working. I will get back to you as soon as I can and will let you know if I am gone any longer.
5  Feb 20th 2024 01:39

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