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(Ronnie longhurst)
32 / Female / Single
Berkshire, England - United Kingdom
Veronica ‘Ronnie’ longhurst born in woodly, England on 24th of January, 1992, raised in Berkshire, England in a town called Reading. Veronica, perfer to be called Ronnie using it as her stage name and her character if you will. Ronnie a Grammy winning and Brits award winning singer, songwriter, actress, ect. Ronnie has a twin brother named Tommy a lead singer in a band called ‘only The poets’ 20+ MDNI, strictly ic. No sm*t/no minors. Will add more if needed.

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2ND on the starting grid for the Sprint Race!
I am bloody pumped!
This one was for you @gracie and @rome.
See you at the baby shower later today!

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A. Yes, thank you
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