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19 / Male / Single
Summit, Wyoming - United States

I've been on the site for quite some time now but to be honest, I've been dormant for a bit. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things have more fun with my roleplays, and do things that I typically don't so if you'd be interested in trying something new or having a nice writing experience let me know.

I am a literate writer and would prefer my writing partners to do so as well, if English isn't your first language don't worry about it! I tend to write at least a paragraph, typically on a down day. Long-term and short-term roleplays are fine with me.

I do MxM and or MxF and any genre. Other than furry. I won't rp with IRL face claims because I think it's creepy to use someone's pictures like that without permission. However, romance is typically present in most stories I like to craft with my writing partner. A good love story gets anybody going.

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