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Hiya! I RP as a shape shifter. I can be anyone or anything you want, but I mostly do OC stuff. That being said, don't be afraid to add and ask for what you want! There can be story if you want that. I will say this is more of a romance/ other stuff account so keep that in mind. I can do the more not SFW stuff but ask that in pms if you want that, but I'm fine with anything in that section really. MxF preferred since I don't really have a thing for guys. Also if you add, you message first, and I will do the same if I add you. If I'm on your stalk list then that probably means I found something about you that I liked, so don't be shy and poke me about it.

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Hehe if you want to see something "cool" pm me the word lemon cherries :D
0  Sep 29th 2023 21:44

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