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(Jeong Jaehyun)
23 / Male / In a Relationship
Korea (South)
@juwoo - dont touch he is MINE 11/27/20
@Jcc - he is my Daddy 12/15/20

~you should make a wish
I’ll give you anything,
make a wish
Let me do it for you~

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There is the rest of NCT
Then me ;)
5  19 hours ago

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BabyLion asked the question
Q. You’re alive!
A. Why would i be dead
 Dec 3rd 2020 12:39

BabyLion asked the question
Q. Hyung~
A. Yes mark?
 Dec 2nd 2020 12:44

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I love you even more my angel
Dec 30th 2020 16:39

I wouldn't want to make it do anything else~
Dec 30th 2020 16:29

I had too, they were pretty and I thought of you
Dec 30th 2020 16:16

I got these for you, I hope you like them. I love you my precious angel~
Dec 30th 2020 14:08