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(Hiashiro Itokoh)
16 / Female / In a Relationship
Hi! Im Hiashiro, but feel free to call me Hia or Shiro

Im into any cind of rp but i dont do erp with strangers and almost never romance bcuz i feel very uncomftirble with doing so. Mostly i prefer action, fantasy and sci-fi rp, but as said anything is fine

I dont only do rp here tho, im also open for chatting and vetnting. Im a good listener and i like helping ppl, so im good venting material. And chatting as said, i dont mind finding friends here

I don't always use this site when I'm at home, it's mostly in school. So if I don't answer then u know

Ive done rp in around 2 years and can write it in both me-perspective and in her-perspective (therd person)

I'm 16 so pls don't be a creep or anything

Anyaways, if i catched ur intrest, feel free to add and ty for ur time taking to reed this✨

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