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(Elena Gilbert)
34 / Female / Single

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Latest Comments

What state in usa do you live? If you don't mind me asking
Jan 22nd 2024 11:04

yes it is but i was talking real life
Jan 18th 2024 17:11

oh is that so ?
Jan 18th 2024 17:09

Besties or just friends ? ;)
Jan 18th 2024 16:42

I like you ;)
Jan 18th 2024 16:37

i got threaten today in my town in real so yeah
Jan 18th 2024 12:40

Aww I miss you too
Jan 18th 2024 05:02

How are you doing
Jan 18th 2024 04:45

Yes just thinking of a reply I'm a bit writer block at the moment
Jan 18th 2024 04:34