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25 / Other / Single
Not America, America - Antarctica
I'm here to roleplay, plain and simple. I can do any kind of response length, and almost any kind of plot. I'm extremely literate, and pay close attention to detail with my responses. I'm not always available on this website so my Discord is available for whoever wants it. I can reply with any length, from a paragraph up to novella. I can also do... *Those* kind of roleplays, with plot preferably, but if you wanna just get down and dirty, I can.

I won't put too much in this bio because I've had accounts burned for this before, but just ask me and tell me what you want, I can go along with it most likely. I do have my limits though, so try to be understanding and I'll be so likewise.

Verses include but are not limited to:

Dragon Maid
Monster Musume
Demon Slayer
My Hero Academia
Genshin Impact
The Amazing Digital Circus
Chainsaw Man
Monster Girl Quest/Encyclopedia
Five Nights at Freddy's

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