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38 / Male / Single
United States
Here for some simple medieval fantasy, not looking for anything absurdly complex or novella. I like an even split of romance and plot, usually to do with the sorts of knights, sirs, kings, and queens you find in this genre, but I'll listen to all ideas if they're relevant to the setting. In short, I like: Fantasy, medieval, romance, drama, family. Generally wholesome themes with enough conflict to keep driving the story. I don't like: Non-consensual relationships, kidnapping plots (with very rare exception), and writers who constantly victimize their character.

I have Discord if that interests you, but it's not necessary. Some last thoughts I need to get out, please have a picture reference prepared for your character, and be okay with eventual sm*t. I don't force it and I write it respectfully, but it's still an important aspect of romance to me, if you don't feel the same or you feel like you'd have to force yourself to enjoy it, I recommend finding a partner better suited for you. My character details are below, thanks for reading.

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