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(Zero Wolfy)
21 / Male / Single
Hello !
I'm a young gay male, 21 years old ! :D
I'm here to RP about pretty much anything...

It goes from human, anime, furry, supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, drama or romance ! I can do others things but you'll have to ask me !
If there's romance... I'm more into the BxB so sorry but nah I don't do straight romance :P

I'm a nice guy and would try to be there as much as I can !
I'm also a talkative guy and adapte to people so I can write a lot or I can write less. That's up to you :p

Latest Questions

Q. Do you have any idea why the KDS got deleted...?
A. Nah ._.
 Jan 17th 2019 10:42

Q. Well? Will you join my pack?
A. Ok
 Jan 6th 2019 14:53

Latest Comments

Good morning...? afternoon? evening?
Jan 19th 2019 04:49

*meows softly* Nya~! *purrs*
Jan 16th 2019 12:17