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(Yui Yona)
19 / Female / Single
I love myself.

{Profile is under construction, i.e., characters and plots are being currently made and will come out soon! Till then, it would simple random rps or you give me a plot}

{IMPORTANT: For all those with whom I got an ongoing rp, please keep checking my status for my latest happenings. I will out my online, offline statuts there so do keep in touch with that. I will not personally text you saying I gtg.}

A fierce and bold girl stands in front of you. With the right amount of cuteness and perfect level of confidence, you find yourself only attracted to her.
What will you do?

Hi there, Yui here. I am perfectly flexible and open to all kinds of roleplays. Just give me a plot and let's start rping.

Latest Status

Hey guys, I replied to most rps today. Please tell me if I didn't. For now, I have to go.
Mood: peaceful
3  9 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Hey, why are you doing like this to me? We are really good friends. Please don't ignore me. You know my condition very well. Please don't leave me. You are a really good friend of mine.
A. Ignoring you? I am not.
 Nov 13th 2019 14:17

Q. You angry on me??
A. No am not
 Oct 13th 2019 00:42

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Friend, please check out our messages once...Its been long since I read from you
Nov 16th 2019 07:23

Nov 12th 2019 09:00

Oct 25th 2019 19:58

Oct 9th 2019 08:31

What do YOU want to do?
Oct 9th 2019 07:15

I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 8th 2019 07:11

*pokes* cx
Sep 14th 2019 16:27

Your daily dose of compliments: You are one of the most awesomest people! Don't ever forget that =D
Sep 12th 2019 20:30

No one cares Brendan leave my girl alone.
Sep 8th 2019 05:47

Sep 7th 2019 11:21