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(Emily jones)
27 / Female / Single
Moscow, Russia
If you wana rp with me boys and girls just go to my photos and leave heart / hearts under the giantess you want to rp with

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@Temperrdorey real life stuff happens
2  Jan 16th 2022 02:27

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redacted asked the question
Q. *shrug* cause i just am
A. Various sites
 Mar 28th 2021 04:40

redacted asked the question
Q. where do you get most of your pictures?
A. Why do u ask
 Mar 27th 2021 21:18

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uh hey
Jan 12th 2022 19:49

Dec 30th 2021 01:42

Miss you
Nov 19th 2021 04:01

Did you just add me to moen about someone thrn unfreind me ?
Oct 19th 2021 11:09

my love
Aug 24th 2021 10:24

Jul 3rd 2021 13:55

I am Noah.
Jun 14th 2021 12:51

May 26th 2021 10:07

May 26th 2021 10:01

Your username is spelled wrong by the way
May 5th 2021 08:31