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19 / Female / Its Complicated
Pembrokeshire, Wales - United Kingdom
Discord: Xx_MHA_rp_xX#4849
I love MHA especially Deku so my roleplay character is Deku and you can ask me to play anyone really but I like to play Deku more specifically if we rp I always do 18+ and I am either top or bottom you can choose and I play characters from Twilight and I can rp as someone from the LOV if you want just ask

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Guys I'm grounded so please don't get mad if I don't reply
1  Jan 23rd 2022 14:35

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Hello, thank you for the request. We hope everything is well and look forward to what awaits.
Dec 11th 2021 12:18

Thank for the request! I gladly look forward to a potential RP with ya! GRCWAQ Out!
Dec 5th 2021 13:04

Hi people
Dec 2nd 2021 13:02