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Good morning my sexy hubby! I love you so so much with all my heart! ♥
@TheBadGuy ~
Mood: adored
1  3 hours ago

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Q. I know it might be too early to say. But our souls are connected. I love you Amber. I loved you from the day we met till the day I'll die wifey.
A. baby I love you too so much and I'm so in love with you, and this feeling will never stop my hubby. You are my souldmate!
 16 hours ago

Q. No #MCE for me? I am your boyfriend..
A. he is my bestie for years.
 Jun 17th 2021 16:52

Latest Comments

I hope you like the dress I bought for you for our date
2 hours ago

Hey babygirl. I miss you too. I have been thibking about you all day. I'm very tired now but I will respond tomorrow and take you on a date. Be prepared my beautiful wifey
16 hours ago

Ibhave to go but I'll be back in a few hours babym don't miss me much ;)
Jun 18th 2021 16:26

Look at mine baby
Jun 18th 2021 16:25

So how about changing status into inlike?
Jun 18th 2021 15:46

You're mine. Not officially yet. But my hearts written with your name.
Jun 18th 2021 15:34

I like what I hear babygirl. You're such a blessing in my life.
Jun 18th 2021 15:26

We do it your way Okay. I just want you to know. I'm very interested in you beautiful.
Jun 18th 2021 15:22

You always can feel safe with me. I won't hurt you. Step by step okay?
Jun 18th 2021 15:16

I'm here now babygirl. I promise I will make you smile again.
Jun 18th 2021 15:13