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(he's so pretty™)
20 / Other / Broken Hearted
Oklahoma - United States
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ what a virgin loser ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

whats up, suckers. I really only do BL|MxM roleplay, so,if you don't like that, you can get the fxck out, ya? I listen to Joji, tøp, Kodama Boy, Cavetown, Lil Peep- the good sh!t. Message me for roleplay, don't be shy, dear. xo

MY CHARACTER: Derrlyn Brooks
Age: 18-19
Role: Switch
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Jet Black
Hair is extremely curly and covers eyes. He is pretty pale. He is, indeed, an angsty teen. He has many piercings: snake bites, a rod, bunch of rings, nipple piercings, and a pp piercing uwu.Derrlyn acts all big and tough, but he's a real bottom boy. He's quite the brat, and will get attitude easily. He is clingy once he really knows a person and likes them. His normal attire includes a band T-Shirt that is wayyy too big, a pair of baggy torn jeans with straps and chains all over, and beat up dirty converse. Basically your usual bratty emo twink. He gets bullied by some, feared by others. He's gotten a swirly in school multiple times, but doesn't speak of it. He likes his hair being pulled, so be careful. He has a sensitive neck and thighs, again, be careful. Sometimes you will see him tick and fidget and mutter to himself. It's normal. He stutters, barely. Maybe.He won't hesitate to kick you in the crotch.

I also roleplay fandoms.

Hazbin Hotel
Helluva Boss

Profile picture credit to crypwolf

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I won't be active much over the weekend. Sorry,sweetie.
Jun 8th 2019 06:27

I won't be active much over the weekend. Sorry,sweetie.
Jun 8th 2019 06:27