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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀* we are alone in our dreams

   ✧・゚: tell_me_about_the_dream_where_we_pull_the_bodies_out_of_the_lake

     name: helena genoveva del rosario
     nicknames: hel, helen, lena
     age: twenty-seven
     birthday: january eighteenth
     zodiac: capricorn
     gender: cisgender female
     pronouns: she/her
     sexual_orientation: bisexual
     spoken_languages: english, portuguese, spanish
     education: scraped through highschool, all girls private school but dropped out at fifteen to pursue full time training at the royal ballet school, completed her bachelors in english language and literature twenty-two to twenty-five.
     occupation: model ( 16 - 20 ), professional dancer ( 16 - 22 ), dance teacher ( 25 - present )

   ✧・゚: how_it_was_late_and_no_one_could_sleep

     appearance_description: helena’s complexion is pale and pristinely clear, the excessively french skincare routine is not for nothing and the occasional blemish is very quickly treated. her blonde eyebrows and eyelashes create a curious look about her, especially when she’s bare-faced. she tries her best to remain often without makeup, aside from a flick of mascara and lipgloss. this complements her heavy-lidded eyes protected underneath a slightly prominent brow. she has a button nose and heart-shaped lips—both in line with eurocentric beauty standards. her slightly unconventional attractiveness was quick to lead her into modelling career. that, and her tall, thin figure. her nose is straight and somewhat hooked, her lips are naturally full but often drawn over in lipstick. her teeth are straight from her years of braces. her hair is naturally a light brown colour and curly, but she has grown partial to her blonde waves.
     height: five foot nine
     weight: fifty-five kilograms
     modifications: first and second lobes, a small line bicycle tattoo on her right ribs
     scent: lost cherry by tom ford, cocoa butter after the shower
     fashion_style: her style fluctuates between what’s trendy and what’s been gifted to her. short dresses that she can layer under or tight jeans and cropped shirts are usually her go-to outfits. helena finds herself adorning her gym wear often when she’s lounging, despite finding it greatly unbecoming o. turtlenecks and cardigans are often used to layer up her outfits when it’s warm, sometimes sweaters over dresses if it’s particularly cold. her wardrobe is relatively expensive, though she has grown fond of charity shopping and donating her clothes. she feels particularly proud when she can wear a full thrifted outfit.

   ✧・゚: its_not_like_a_tree_where_the_roots_have_to_end_somewhere

     positive_traits: independent, determined, curious, honest, analytical, perfectionist, imaginative
     negative_traits: overly critical, arrogant, combative, poor at expressing emotions, “always right”
          optimistic / pessimistic
          logical / emotional
          working / laidback
          introverted / extroverted
          confident / unsure
          night owl / early bird
          messy / neat
     mental_disorders: generalised anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder.
     addictions: recovered alcoholism, history of excessive ketamine and prescription drug use. frequent cigarette smoker, occasional weed use.
     likes: pride and prejudice, 80s music, west coast swing, the colour red, fruit, reading, shakespeare, lipstick, staying in, running, astrology, cigarettes, driving, writing.
     dislikes: ballet, coffee, hot showers, hospitals, football, short nails, the dark, physical touch, acrobatics, vodka, sleeping, math, rain, the beach, religion, waking up early, mud.
     hobbies: reading, pilates, watching movies, playing violin, going down wikipedia page rabbit holes, journaling.
     fears: all horror movies ever, failure, spiders, emotional vulnerability, the dark, vomit.

   ✧・゚: how_we_rolled_up_the_carpet_so_we_could_dance_and_the_days_were_bright_red

     mother — camila macedo ( 43 ) : camila and andreas met in brazil, he was visiting on holiday and by an unfortunate turn of fate, happened to luck in with camila and her group of friends trying to sneak into a club. it was never going to last. being a young mother, camila is particularly close to helena. after divorcing her father when helena was eight, and allowing her to stay with her father for the sake of giving her a better childhood, tensions grew. it took getting over the teenage angst to move past it, but now they foster a healthy relationship. living in brazil, helena calls her at least once a week and ensures to visit as often as she can.

     father — andreas del rosario ( 52 ) : andreas is a strange man. born into wealth that birthed him into the business world, his etiquette is nothing short of alien to the normal person. he’s not a terrible father, rather it’s everything else about him that’s terrible. he is keen to offer money to his children, provides anything they might need with no complaints and attempted to make small talk to helena about the things he thought she might be interested in. helena senses an amount of disdain he feels for her, being the daughter of a woman he strongly dislikes, but he would never admit to it. he respects her choices to live independently of him and they get along decently enough with such a distant relationship.
     step_mother — viktoria del rosario ( 25 )

     half_brother — harry del rosario ( 34 ) : helena and harry are no longer on speaking terms. as children, they were somewhat close. with their large age gap, they never shared much in common, but he wasn’t particularly cruel to her. he holds an air about himself, similar to his father, wherein he believes he is just better than anyone who doesn’t behave like him. unfortunately, helena fits into this category. after becoming quite drunk at his wedding and detailing his affair to his new wife and the room full of people, he cut her off entirely. they only communicate very occasionally through andrew.
     sister_in_law — grace del rosario ( 34 )

     half_brother — andrew del rosario ( 31 ) : andrew remains pleasantly polite to helena. he is seemingly quite happily married, not an awful person, and offers her texts every few months. he remains to work with their father but also practises sculpture in his personal life, his artistic interests keep the pair of them close. he would happily attend a dance, she would happily visit a gallery.
     sister_in_law — jasmine del rosario ( 40 )

     brother — ivan del rosario ( 28 ) : ivan is the most consistent, close family she holds. they share the glances their father gives them, the feeling of not quite being the children he wants due to their outspoken mother. the both of them choose to work outside of the confines of their father and remain single. ivan works as a historian, but he’s always sure to drop a visit round to helena whenever he’s free (often with snacks in tow).

     romantic: none applicable.
     previous_relationships — mara frazier ( 14 - 15 ), anastasia oxford ( 16 ), jack pierce ( 17 - 21 ), lorelai pearlstein ( 23 - 25 ).

     pets: female siberian cat named bonifacia.

   ✧・゚: but_theres_a_litany_of_dreams_that_happens_somewhere_in_the_middle
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀do we have to sleep tonight?

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀* murmur, murmur! coward!

i need cate blanchett in this hour.
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