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venon's Blog

Hunter reaper mode

Name: Hunter
Age: unknown
height: 7 foot

personality: dark and mysterious but protective and loving

bio: Hunter does not know about his past something happen but what
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mason monster

the monster is released

things change
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Name : mason
Age: 18
height: 5'10
eye color: changes by mood
hair color : black
gender: male
sex: straight
Likes: guns, drawing, natural, hanging out
dislikes: being alone, bulling

Mason was a good man. he does as he was told but old friends turn into new threats. His friends one day knocked him out and chained him up for no reason and raped him, and beat him. they called him a monster and left him there chained up then something happen he become the monster

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Hunter (war suit)

Name : Hunter Weber
Age : 16
Height: 6'0
likes: cooking, watching movies, sleeping, messing around with his tech
dislikes: using his fighting skills, being yelled at

Hunters family died from a break-in. He was left alive but injured shot in the arm. A man named Lavernius Tucker found him and took him under his wing. He trained him to be a warrior as for the project freelancer. he left at age 21 looking for a meaning to his suffering
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Name : Alex
Age : 19
Height: 5:9
Likes: nature, sleeping, cooking, protecting things
Dislikes: fighting, being alone, not wanted, and betrayed

Alex was a agent at a program named project freelancer. He trained in fighting skills and life skills but never waited to use those skills. then one day his so called "friends" did something to him. they put him in a mechanic and made him a little or dangerous. he could now morphs his hands into weapons, and other things to protect

my profile picture is of him and his claws and go to google image alex mercers weapons to see the rest
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3 | 1 Comment | Mar 13th 2019 10:12