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(Alex Mercer)
15 / Male / In Love
valleypark, Missouri - United States

Ok let's do this I love rping I am open for any ideas.....and I anit on often because I am a freshmen gotta do my highschool work

BTW my names Hunter

big prototype fan

ps i am great friends will lovelyakira21 if you mess will her you will die. We are planning to get married and have kids so ready for that i think. One major thing age does not matter it is what lays in your heart matter i love amber because she and i have the same problems and because she i just damn hard to explain i can just say it was love at first message!

btw she wont try and kill me and ruin my future like everyone else so yeah sorta caught me

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Kyoki asked the question
Q. Is this a question?
A. Yes
 Feb 10th 2019 13:34

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You are the weakest of symbiotes, Toxin is my favorite. All-Black Necrosword is the strongest. But venom looks cool af, great choice!
Feb 10th 2019 13:50