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(Yea, im not gonna tell ya you dont need to know this either)
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topeka, Kansas - United States
Yo, i...uhhh most sites i use dont allow more than one rp character so imma just...start all new ones based on rps people want :D i have no baselines or standards except, dont be a child. and if you are dont lie about it jeez. also 2 oc's ill keep for now.

Gidrul the Stone Golem: his size varies and such, but he relies on brute force alone and isnt the smartest. his age varies as well, but in modern day hes about 2 million years old.

golem types will be added when I feel like it

Alura the Slime Girl:yea yea i know slime girls are generally just used for fanservice but Alura is a bright and honest naive girl and isnt interested in mating. her size and age varies similar to gidrul however her age in modern times is about 200. this is young for a slime girl in my world so...yea. in modern days she would be about 5ft 4in flat chested not exactly curvy and all that, plus she is a blue slime. I classify slimes by color which means their job. in my opinon these will be the colors listed below

Green:healers and very weak fighters, keep back from the fighting and avoid people in general, and usually kind.

Blue:these are the main combat slimes, weaker than the higher ups but make up the majority of slimes not including greens. they tend to keep to themselves also but are majorly the slime that's found the most.

Pink:a commander type slime, usually small but very dense physically and very intelligent. basically a buff loli to put it bluntly

Purple:these are the ones people generally see as "sexy" however, these ones have slime wings and can fly. they are usually tall and curvy also very agile. the curves are just stored slime to repair wounds on themselves and others and are an all around versitle powerful slime.

Black:2 kinds of slimes are black, the baby slimes ages 1-40 and the mother slimes. the mother slimes are kept at home but as their birthing they store a lot of slime and liquids to keep them strong. a few black slimes aren't birthing and are just very powerful, they usually tend to be a dark dark purple though an d serve as heavy shields on the front line. they can be seen as kinda chubby or as you humans would call it..."thick"

Orange:elemental slimes. they tend to be resistant to fire unlike most slimes and can cast lighting spells using charge ups in their watery like body. they are usually very weak though and the size of a human child.

to be continued when asked about other slime colors

Note:if this doesn't appease you lemme know and all can be changed

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