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tsukitane's Blog


Name: Sumi Soo

Age: twenty-two

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Name: Luka

Age: 2000 years old

Bio: Luka is a particular type of demon that holds no affiliation with the Demon King, The gods, nor the humans. Luka is a self-serving demon that only wishes to devour the soules of the ambitious and the power-hungry beings that desire to become the top. She is neither weak nor strong, simply particular. Neglected by all races, Luka has learned to enjoy her time alone and unknown to the world. Every now and then she would appear in the human world to either help humans or to devour their soul. It is whichever of the two leads her to the most impure souls that she enjoys feeding on.

Powers or abilities: Other than enhanced abilities, Luka can devour anything and anyone. She is able to make anything she devours her own. For example, if she was to devour flames, she could regenerate the amount of flames she devours and can only control the flames she has produced.
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Name: Sumika

Age: 23

Personality: Sumika is known to be a genius amongst those around her. She had skipped several grades, received 3 degrees and her doctorate’s by the age of 19, and graduated college early. Although she is very intelligent, she is socially inadequate and many believe she either is autistic or ausperger’s. However, neither are true. Sumika is just very quiet and often finds her head lost in the clouds. This may be due to the fact that she feels like something in her life has been missing.
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Name: Anna Ryu

Age: 24

Personality: Anna is a strong-willed and disciplined girl. She is not a natural beauty as many believe she was. She grew up being very large and unloved by many. When she had enough of the crap she received from people, she changed everything about her lifestyle to achieve her goal weight. Although she is beautiful and thin now, she is still quite concious of her looks and her body. She often covers her body up, especially her stomach to keep others from seeing it.

Occupation: Medical student
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Name: Yuuya Nanase

Age: 20

Bio: Don’t let her cold stare and her small body deceive you, Yuuya is a clumsy and obedient girl that often has trouble making friends, as much as she has speaking to others. Due to her cold looking stare, people often describe her as distant and cold, when in reality, she is a simple and shy girl that doesn’t speak her mind often. Once you look her cold glances and her quiet behavior, many come to realize that she is a childish girl that often pouts when things don’t go her way.
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