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sav sawyer ;; ur new emo mom

chill for shoutouts but ill buy you coffee or smthn !! <3
0  13 hours ago

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Simmer asked the question
Q. i’m looking.
A. I will literally throw you across the Atlantic Ocean SOD OFF
 Apr 14th 2021 17:09

Q. I'm so f***ing happy you actually did it
A. Why wouldn't I? It gives my profile an edge
 Apr 12th 2018 00:34

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Thank you so much, Matty. I appreciate that and it means a lot to me. You're sweet. <3
14 hours ago

Pre-CISELY!! Now you've got it, /son/...
Jan 24th 2021 23:20

What are you talking about I transitioned when I was 9 I've pretty much always had this cooch
Jan 24th 2021 23:17

I HAVEN'T heard of that, thanks very much I'm trans remember? I don't have a Willy Peter OR D*ck fank you
Jan 24th 2021 23:07

Austin...Einstein? Frankenstein? I'm afraid you've got the wrong guy, never heard that name in my life
Jan 24th 2021 22:52

My what on who?
Jan 24th 2021 22:50