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(sadine pharoah of egypt Official sadine channal)
31 / Male / In Love
Rigonvle his home town, Tennessee - United States
sadine started off as a young farm boy living in a quiet little village but one day his life changed after he finds an a injured baby blue dragon he takes it in and things begin to happen as a dark and twisted lord from Egypt has his eyes on sadine but soon sadine finds out hes more then just a farm boy and a rider he is infect a lost pharoah with no memory of his other life as he seats out to find out more he meets kinder a half demon girl she ends up traveling with him and crimson his dragon they seat out to find more and killl the evil one once again

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Nah you don’t need to. I’m good.
Nov 28th 2019 21:50

Lol yeah. I can’t really find something to put next so you can start us back up whenever.
Mar 11th 2019 11:55

Yeah same! I love it.
Mar 9th 2019 16:52

lol sorry I have been busy and unable to actually reply.
Mar 9th 2019 13:54

oh? then you want Desdemona.
Oct 21st 2016 09:24

Thank you for becoming my friend! If you could please have a look at my rules and blog I would greatly appreciate it. I am an MCRP meaning I play many different characters and on occasion will take requests for a characters. Again Thank you for becoming my friend, I look forward to the wonderful stories we can create together
Oct 20th 2016 22:03

You will need to do what Zambie did before we can re-add you. Send either Midnightsun or me an example of one of your new and improved paragraphs, and your new bio. We will evaluate them, then see if you can be allowed back in. Zambie did incredibly well in comparison to what his posts were. I'm sure yours will be just as improved.
Aug 26th 2016 04:45

With me? Or no?
Jan 14th 2016 14:41

Thanks! So far I'm enjoying it!
Jan 14th 2016 13:55

I sent you a message
Jan 13th 2016 13:15