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//It’s exam season. My creativity is, unfortunately, shot. I’ll do my best to muster up some replies, but I make no guarantees.
Mood: tired
4  10 hours ago

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SebStan asked the question
Q. "hey Tony.... Quick question" Bucky looked at him "do you still hate me...?"
A. Tony stares at him for a moment, not sure how to answer. "No, I guess not."
 Apr 3rd 2021 20:53

SebStan asked the question
Q. “Hey Tony... How’s Life been treating you?”
A. “It’s been treating me, I guess.” Tony said with a slight chuckle
 Mar 30th 2021 22:35

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Kia raised a brow “I can tell when someone is lying. What’s on your mind Tony?” She leaned against the wall.
May 5th 2021 23:52

Kia shrugged her shoulders “All the great heros have one. That’s me, the best hero in New York handsome.” She winked and chuckled looking at him. “You look, like somethings on your mind. You ok?”
May 5th 2021 23:43

“Never really got to introduce myself to you. Kia Skywood nice to meet you Tony Stark. Maybe we can team up one day? I could use a side kick.”
May 5th 2021 23:17