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tiefighter's Blog

Third Installment Trilogy

name: Teagan Ivy Eleanor
universe: Star Wars
age: 23-30
trilogy: Skywalker Sequel Saga
race: Twi'lek and human half-breed
side: light/resistance fighter
occupation: secret Jedi/pilot
appearance: Teagan or Gan for short, has a skin color unusual for a Twi'lek. She has a green and pale skin color mix of skin. Gan has calm grey eyes and wears a Resistance pilot's uniform. She had discarded of her Jedi robes long ago.
personality: Gan is quiet when she is surrounded by a group of people. On missions, Gan never talks even when asked a question. She usually tells people what she wants through the mind and the force. She's clever and cunning and very easy-going. Although silent on the outside, her inner shell is bright and colorful with excitement and adventure.
backstory: Before Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, Teagan was sent to the new Jedi Temple to train as a Jedi Knight. Luke Skywalker sensed she was afraid of everyone and offered to train her at night when nobody could see her fail or succeed. Teagan became nocturnal and thus lead the missions that required more stealth than skill.
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Prequel Character

name: Tania Isabel Everson
universe: Star Wars
Trilogy: prequel
age: 19-29
gender: female
species: human
job: Jedi Padawan
appearance: Tania has the same hairstyle as Padme did in Episode 1. She wears a brown robe with a black cape. She has deep calm ocean blue eyes and a soft, feminine face. Despite that, a scar runs from her neck to her hip.
personality: Tania is calm, quiet and unnoticeable but has somehow caught the eye of the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker. She is afraid to love and afraid to show who she really is.
backstory: This Jedi Padawan hails from the planet Ryloth and was raised by a Twi'lek couple who had lost their child at an early age. While visiting the planet, Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan found her and took her back to the Jedi Temple to start her training. Mace Windu oversaw her training after Qui-Gon passed away.
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Sequel (Skywalker Era)

name: Teresa Iris Evelyn
universe: Star Wars (duh)
side: light, rebellion, resistance
age: 21 (depending on the movie to be honest)
appearance: Teresa (Or Terry) as most people call her has short black hair and iridescent rainbow-like eyes. She wears a Imperial commanding officer outfit in her time in the Empire as a spy for the Rebellion.
personality: Most people only see her as a commanding officer and fear her. When she is alone however, she is cheerful and peppy, but can be sarcastic and arrogant at times. she does not love easily but once you manage to break her icy outside, her love is forever.
backstory: Terry hails from the planet Coruscant. She was training to be a Jedi when Order 66 struck and Terry had to flee. Seeking refuge she joined the Rebellion and accepted the position as spy in the Empire. She keeps shields up in her mind from prying Sith lords or force users. Her secret is that she still has her lightsaber hidden away in her outfit in one of her boots.
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About TIE and TIE's Rules

TIE stands for Teresa Iris Evelyn, a Resistance fighter that is in the First Order as a spy.
People refer to her as TIE Fighter in code.
TIE doesn't like it when people ask her for sexual performances. That's not what this site is used for.
TIE will shoot you down if you ask her of that.
TIE loves Star Wars.
"I find my lack of Star Wars knowledge disturbing" -TIE
Don't spam my account if I had already denied you.
I don't have Disney Plus and I have not seen the Mandalorian so don't send me a character that's from that series because I have not seen it (I don't plan on seeing it because I have school to worry about)
I only accept canon x oc for shipping! Don't ask me to do oc x oc cause that is not happening.
You add you respond. (I mean it I'm annoyed at those I see online but not replying)
If you read these, comment Han shot first below!
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