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(The Young Alpha)
21 / Male / Single
I am detailed as f*** so don't bother if your RP is only semi-literate, zero tolerance for one-liners.

Don't f***ing add me to boost your friends count.

I have yet to meet a femboy/little that's not overly clingy or cringy as hell so unless you're the sh*t, abstain from adding me if you're one.

I'm aggressive and demanding but I don't like bottoms who are excessively subby, I give a lot of spice and I don't want sugar only in return. Cuddles and kisses are not part of my lifestyle.

I do realistic RP; so no furries, vampires, or other nerdy sh*t.

I RP as only one OC and am always in character.

If you think you have what it takes, don't be shy and hit me up, I don't chase people. Skip the small talk and be blunt if you want to catch my attention.

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