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Even though I'm not a big fan of rules when it comes to art, since this is almost like a social media, I believe I should establish some boundaries. If these boundaries sound mean to you, by any chance ... just unfriend me.

- I will only accept adults as roleplay partners. Preferably, those over 21.

- I'd rather talk about preferred genres and dynamics before we start writing. It would also be lovely it we could set the bases of the plot before starting. I think this will help both of us feel more comfortable.

- Multi - paragraph only! It's okay if we go from a bunch of paragraphs to only a couple when the plot demands pacing. You don't need to match my length by any means. But I want to feel like my writing partner is as committed and invested as me.

- I will immediately unfriend anyone who pressures me to get a reply, either a text back or a roleplay response. I'm a busy person and try to get back to people as soon as I can! Writing takes a lot of mental effort and motivation I sometimes lack.

- If anything sexual is meant to happen in our story, it should be discussed beforehard. I believe in consent even when it comes to roleplay.

- Even if I don't mind darker themes, I would love talking about triggers beforehand. Also, if we are going to write about certain matters like ... human trafficking, sexual abuse, political power dynamics ... I'd love for you to have a minimum of understanding about the issue. I feel like most people on this site refer to darker themes without the right understanding of them, or only because of a weird morbid excitement.

- I don't mind interacting out of the roleplay! I'm quite social. However, I'd rather avoid some stuff such as blatantly oversharing without having a good idea of my boundaries and trauma dumping.

- No flirting is allowed. I'm happily engaged but apart from that information, I'd rather not talking about my romantic situation. It's also pretty likely that I won't give my socials away unless we become long - term writing partners, sorry!

Drop a heart and, if you're interested in messaging me, type bittersweet in the chatbox! Love, R. ♡
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Besides the character's name you can find a tag that indicates whether the character is taken or not. I made this since I believe in exclusivity when it comes to my partners. Unless I do mention or bring up one of the taken characters to our conversation they aren't available.

➸ Elleanor: the frozen lilly.

➸ Helena: the nymph. (taken)

➸ Julia Le Blanc: the swan. (F) (taken)
➸ Jean Le Blanc: the swan. (M) (taken)

➸ Leanna: the volatile muse. (more than taken)

➸ Penelope Williams: Frankenstein's daughter.
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