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23 / Female / Engaged
Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile. ♡

I am looking for people who have a deep passion and need for reading or writing to find their daily and so needed rushes of adrenaline. Even though I can catch myself lost for hours with my nose between the pages of new or old books, I think there's no excitement that can be compared to being in charge of a story.

I am a busy person ... may it be college or work, I tend to have long "to do" lists. That is why I am specifically looking for long - term partners whose patience and maturity are great enough to understand the perks of life and how it can sometimes take all of your time and energy away.

About myself, as a writer, I think I am pretty flexible. I'm open to try any subject and genre. If I had to list preferences, I would say I'm mainly drawn to slow - burn romance stories, in different contexts. I personally prefer meshing characters that come from different backgrounds.

About myself, as a person: I will be graduating as a doctor this year. I'm currently part of a researching team and I will have to do quite some important exams to get to my dream hospital in a matter of months. That being said, you can get the idea that my professional life is quite stressing at the moment. Apart from anything occupational, I spend my free time devouring books, exercising and sometimes playing videogames.

Clarification: if you only roleplay to make everything sexual or belong to that weird group of people who take pride in only writing about darker themes, please ... have some respect and don't even send a request.

The rest, don't hesitate hitting me up if you're interested! Love, R.

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My wisdom teeth decided to torture me today. :^)


Still ... finally home. Today was long and there's a lot to process. Luckily, tomorrow will be calmer.
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Happy birthday, grandma.
Sep 23rd 2022 12:02