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(Tanin Beberniss)
21 / Male / Single
South Dakota - United States
Check "characters" in my blog for plots, or hmu with ur own.

I've been roleplaying for a while. I used to do it almost 24/7, but not nearly as much anymore. I'm not here to be entirely picky, so I don't have a lot of "rules" or anything.
I usually roleplay when I wanna socialize, or have writer's block. It's a nice pass time for me. I'm very open minded, and like to try new things, so don't be shy to make a suggestion, I'll always consider it at least. (I'd totally be down for a game of D&D if anyone is interested >:{D )

And if you're like me and are hella socially awkward, I have a list of hobbies, interests, and topics that I like so that you're not talking to me blindly lol. If not, feel free to just hit me up then!

I learned to play guitar, but haven't touched it again in 3 years lol, I'm starting drums again, took piano lessons from my grandma, and thinking about starting bass.
I like pretty much any genre of music, it just depends on what I haven't heard in a while, or what I feel like at the time. (It's mostly rock, metal, or chill music)

Writing is another great pass time for me. (I can't exactly write a fully fledged novel, but I can put in a good paragraph or two when I'm REALLY into the roleplay.) But I like plot development, and have been thinking about animating my stories instead of writing books.

Speaking of animating, I've never designed anything digitally, but I do have some experience editing films of different kinds. For me, it's always been a fun thing to do.

I've never drawn that much, and the best I could doodle was a couple of dumb, chibi-looking cartoon characters lol. But I do like detailed drawings and love looking at other's art.

I LOVE anime and manga. I like watching movies and other TV shows too, but anime and manga are the biggest preferences from me. (Live action is alright, but I prefer stuff that was drawn or animated.)

That's about all I can think of right now. Feel free to leave me a message if you wanna!

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