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Lilith Morei

Full Name: Lilith Morei
Sex: Female
Race/species: Vampire (Pureblood)
Age: Unknown, She takes the form of a women in her mid 20’s and can change depending on her mood.
Orientation/Sexual preference: Bisexual
Height:5’5 (can change)
Weight: 112 lbs (can change)
Eye color(s): Dark red wine (Weaken) / Bright red
Glasses: Thin wire round glasses.
Face shape: Oval shape
Describe their eyes: Eyes are an almond shape, her vision gets blurry when she lacks blood.
Describe their nose: Nose is small button shape
Describe their lips: Lips are heart shaped
Ears(pointed, cat, etc.): Round w/ free lobe
Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): She prefers to be slim because it’s very convenient, but can be changed.
Hair color(s):Light copper
Hair length: Long to her calves
Hair style: Varies but prefers to keep her hair braided
Skin color: Light skin color
Complexion: Cool undertone

Personality snapshot: Mistaken, moody, greedy, respectful, forgiving, aggressive.
Most prominent personality trait: Respectful.
Best traits of their personality: Forgiving.
Worst traits of their personality: Mistaken, moody, greedy, aggressive.

Lilith Morei is very respectful for a pureblood vampire, they tend to take pride of their overwhelming power they obtain from their heritage and develop a superiority complex towards weaker races making them worse of the bunch. Lilith is different, she threw out all this nonsense out the window leaving behind her vampiric origins. She resides up on a small mountain covered with trees and foliage, one single cabin in a secluded spot on the mountain. She spends her time reading books to expand her knowledge, and occasionally has to fight and kick other races off the mountain when they try to claim her home as territory. Yet she cannot run away from the fact she is a vampire, and she needs blood to maintain her strength. This is where she is invulnerable the most in her weaken state after not drinking blood in certain period of time. The animals in the mountain aren’t enough to satisfy her thirst, leaving her in a constant state of hunger until she decides to murder an innocent and drink their blood. She refuses to kill someone and give in to her bloodlust. She is usually tolerant and calm to her blood thirst but she sometimes slip up leading her to be very aggressive with people. This flaw of hers will surely get her killed someday as her strength slowly fades, and the fact other races mistaken her as a threat.

Alignment(good, evil, etc.): Neutral
Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Single
Good habits: Keeping the place tidy
Bad habits: She unintentionally glares at people giving them the wrong idea, keeping her emotions in check when she is hungry.

Abilities(As in powers):
Shapeshifting: Only limited to the way she looks.
The ability to convert others as she is a pureblood.
Enhanced physical abilities (Weakens overtime due to lack of blood.)
Regeneration: She is able to heal injuries and missing limbs unless her heart is destroyed of course.
When she is hungry her regeneration ability becomes weaker and slow.

**If it doesn't really fit in with what you wanted, I can always adjust the character.**
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