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18 / Female / Single
New Jersey - United States
daily (probably more like every other day) blurb:

my parents signed me up to be a girl scout and i was a pretty good one but then i got into a fight with these other girls bc they were just jealous of me ig idk but it made me hate being a girl scout and i wanted to quite but my parents were like no and i was like :O so when i got the cookies for selling i started just giving them away to my friends and eating them and then i rang up like $60 in cookie debt and made my parents pay it and then take me out of girl scouts.

more facts:

o i'm bi
o i just turned 18 :DD
o i have two hamsters their names are jimi and juno
o i'm indian but i don't know what part or anything bc i was adopted but im
trying to find out
o i like to think that i have a very good taste in music and movies so if you're
ever scrolling through netflix bored ash hmu for a rec

I used to be on here a lot a few years ago, but my account got deleted :( But I'm back now so :)

Don't be afraid to DM me with an roleplay idea! I do a lot of things and am open to mostly anything

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