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stinky_loser's Blog

scribbles IV.

" and I fell from the great heavens, falling into what seemed to be an endless maze.

lost in my mind as I slowly began to give up, letting this abyss consume me.

You stood there, making time and space itself seem as if they weren't there.

your eyes, how beautiful they were as you reached your hand to grab my own.

pulled me away and into your arms, the feeling of warmth erupted within me. My own arms coming to hold you as well, while I inhaled your scent. The memory will never fade.

I knew then, what I wanted"
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scribbles III.

"her sweet honey nectar was all I need to get by. I drank and I drank, until I couldn't contain any more.

yet, did I grow ever so greedy.

I wanted to take more than I could.

so I did just that.

I've become so greedy"
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another day which means more writing.

I decided to write five things then delete them, start from. scratch again.

odd, maybe.. though I myself am odd.

we got back home late again, it's eleven. I came to. realize I haven't ate the whole day, my eating pattern has been.. mm, well I haven't been eating as much as I should.

I'm too busy to even remember.

ah, I remembered something.

The clouds today, they looked so beautiful.

clouds that look as if they froze themselves, almost transparent. Stokes of light parting then halfway, as if trying to reach the ground them very self.

how I wondered.

they really looked so beautiful as does the moon.
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scribbles II.

"she kissed my cheek before she left, told me not to worry.

how could I not?

when I know the next time I see her, she and I would be strangers. yet she smiled at me with a glint in her eye.

My heart aches, but I know I'll soon forget"
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it's another day, makes sense to write right?

got back from working not so long ago, maybe an hour ago.

now I'm just really laying down, there isn't much else I can do around this hour. after its almost midnight.

I was thinking earlier while working, I had a funny thought. I wont explain much of what I mean, but it made me realize something.

I was singing to myself, my voice is a bit sick sounding at the moment from yelling too much. it disappears for a moment before coming back. I think I sound funny.

it's 11:11 wishing time?

really not much to wish for though.

mm, I don't know what else to say.
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