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17 / Other / Forever Alone
`~ outerspace ~`, Japan
`~ online -
`~ offline - x


(any pronoun is fine hun)

please respect everyone's pronouns, gender, sexuality, race, etc.

i will not tolerate homophobes, racists, etc.

i hope we can be friends!
please call me by my username <3


`~ rp rules:
➀ don't be a creep
➁ (n)sfw is fine but not too much that it violates t.o.s
➂ no hate speech or insensitive topics
➃ no op characters
➄ tell me your rp triggers so i'll know what to avoid
➅ i'm not that fluent in english but i'm trying. so, advance sorry if it inconveniences you
➆ due to time zone gaps, i may respond slower that usual ^^;


all of my character portraits are from picrew, please support the artists there!

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