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21 / Female / Single
Alabama - United States
Hey there! My name is Savannah and I have about a decade’s worth of roleplay experience!
I am always looking for partners, so feel free to send me a request/message me.

I enjoy romance plots of any kinds. If you are into coming up with unique and complex plots based on no fandom, thats so dope!
I do enjoy fandom RPs as well. Anime, Marvel, DC, what have you.

A few rules before you friend me:
-Please don't suggest cliche, sm*t-heavy plots to me. I have no desire to play something that has been done hundreds of times before by other people. Please be creative and down to think outside of the box.
-I retire at least two paragraphs in responses. Please show effort and do not just leave me with 3-4 lines to work with.
-I do not care what gender you yourself are. Myself and my character are bisexual, so I'm comfortable with all genders and characters. :*
-Both myself and my character are bisexual so we welcome MxF and FxF plots.
-My character is a sub and SOMETIMES a switch. Don't abuse that "sometimes."

Latest Status

To all of my partners and fellow role players. I am so sorry for having been absent recently. Life these past few months has taken its toll, as it does. I will do my best to log in here as much as I can. If you would like to begin a story with me, check out my profile and shoot me a message. PLEASE be patient with me. As I work full-time and take college courses at the full-time level.
Hope all is well.
Mood: exhausted
0  Jan 18th 2022 02:43

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