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(Finnian Grey)
19 / Male / Single
San Diego, please don't stalk me, California - United States
Hi! My name is Finnian, 19, bisexual bottom, living in San Diego, California! I have a second account, Micha_Mocha!
I do any rp, but prefer slice-of-life romance and er*tic stuff!
Please be legible!
Don't feel obligated to write long answers just because I do, it's just a me thing!
Any rp's left for a week without response will be deleted and you will be removed unless you specifically state you want to end the rp. I do mxm, but will make exceptions for mxf!
Characters(find more about them in my forums):
(note: I can create a new oc if it calls for it, if none of these characters suit your fancy!)
Sebastian Alderige: Soft spoken, quiet and kind.
Luca Prince: Outspoken and positive, naive and looks for the good in every situation.
Jasper Hawthorne: Angry and loud, violent and not afraid to show it!
Sage Stryker: Spoiled and haughty, needs to be put in his place, but
can be nice!

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Enjoying the rp so far little bro?
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