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22 / Female / Married
Georgia - United States
Hello! Thanks for stopping by my profile! I’m Siren, and I hope to chat soon! I have a lot of health issues that cause me to be at the doctor a lot. Expected and unexpected visits happen frequently, and I can’t be active during those times. I try to let you all know when I’m going to be inactive, but sometimes stuff happens. I’m on and off throughout the day and love making friends!

I don't have very many rules for roleplaying except for the following:

1. I don't mind shorter roleplays, aside from one-liners. The more detail you give me, the better detail I'll give back to you.

2. I don't do N*FW roleplays. Period.

3. I'm on and off constantly throughout the day from 4 AM - 8:30 PM EST. I do not stay up late, and I will be inactive throughout the night.

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Sorry for all of the late replies, got called into work last night and this morning. I have the rest of the day off, so I’ll be doing replies in a few minutes.
0  Mar 24th 2020 13:29

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