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Latest Questions

Q. Did you get some sleep last night, Bunny?
A. I did!! <3 did you sleep well?
 Jul 1st 2021 14:27

Q. How are you doing today, Bunny?
A. I'm okay daddy, I missed you. Really need cuddles...hru?
 Oct 4th 2020 11:21

Latest Comments

I took a nap earlier, so I'm okay until later. I'd rather spend the time to rp while I can. <3
Jul 11th 2021 20:23

That's good, Sweetheart. I'm glad to hear that! I'm okay, kind of sleepy. It's been a raining all day so I've finally caught up on all my replies. <3
Jul 11th 2021 20:14

How are you doing, Baby?
Jul 11th 2021 18:30

Oh no, I’m so sorry, Sweetheart. <3
Jul 7th 2021 23:42

Aw, whats making you sad, Baby? Can I help at all?
Jul 7th 2021 23:20

Hi, Bunny! How are you today?
Jul 7th 2021 21:34

Thanks Sweetheart <3
Jun 30th 2021 11:46

I’m about to leave to meet up with a friend, but pretty much free the whole day. I won’t be gone long. :)
Jun 30th 2021 11:44

Good, good <3
Jun 30th 2021 11:39

That’s good, baby. Make sure you get some good rest, okay? I can’t have a sleepy bunny!
Jun 30th 2021 11:37