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(heller bi+ches)
69 / Female / In Love
~little town~, Hawaii - United States
Status: ||OFFLINE—UNWELL :))|| ~Expect replies to come around in a couple of days or maybe even weeks. Mahalo.~

Well, I'm sorry to inform you that I'll be gone for some time. I'm not exactly sure for how long, but I really need a break. There's lots of things going on in my life and I just can't anymore. I'll be back shortly so until then, take care of yourself. —Shennie

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Good morning to y'all! I literally just woke not too long ago. I'm gonna go for a run in a little while and get ready to head out. There is a tennis game today at 08:30 HST. I'll also be assisting with the facilitation of our school's teen health camp at 10:00 HST. Both events will end at 15:00 so I'll reply to y'all asap! Have a nice day everyone! :))
Mood: sleepy
0  Mar 30th 2019 12:24

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yesser :)
 Mar 25th 2019 17:26

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